Automotive Parts Industry

The automotive parts industry is made up of a large, highly fragmented and varied group of sellers including manufacturers, warehouse distributers, auto dealerships, national chains and local parts retailers. Most all of these sellers have an online sales presence.

Our Mission

The mission is to create a world class e-commerce marketplace that aggregates these automotive parts sellers for the automotive parts buyers by utilizing integrated technologies that optimizes the listing, selling and shipping of automotive parts. A seamless digital experience that creates value for the entire automotive parts industry.

Why Choose is an industry-driven enterprise and multi-seller marketplace built purely for the automotive industry and specifically serves those in need of automotive, truck, motorcycle, ATV, UTV, and boat parts.

Our marketplace consists of trusted sellers providing high-quality products, vetted industry experts with years of selling experience, and soon local installation shops ready to install the parts you’ve purchased. We understand the wants and needs of buyers and sellers alike, which is why our mission is for sellers to sell more and buyers to have the best buying experience possible.

For sellers we offer free sign-up and onboarding, a low marketplace sales fee and instant payments. We also want our sellers and buyers to have extremely positive interactions with one another, which is why we reward sellers for such interactions.

Our History

In the Beginning: Christopher Davenport, a Las Vegas serial entrepreneur, in late 2015 started selling Lift Kits and other after- market parts under the name Lift Kits 4Less via established marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon, Walmart and Sears all from his garage. Parts were dropped shipped by the manufacturers. In 2016, his first full year Christopher generated $2.4 million in topline sales and over $70 million in sales through LiftKits to date.

On the web site, Chris created over 400 how too videos that helped buyers correctly install parts thus providing trust and confidence that they could install the kits themselves.

Private to Public: In November 2018, and having increase sales to approximately $8 Million in topline sales, The 4Less Corp. did a reverse merger with The 4Less Group, Inc. (FLES) and began trading on the OTC:Pink under the symbol FLES (Formerly MCGI).

Transition from 3rd Party Marketplaces: With Funds received in the merger Christopher upgraded the platform and successfully began transitioning sales from the national marketplaces to the ecommerce platform. With the success and expertise gathered from building an ecommerce site for Lift Kits, in late 2019 FLES buys URL as the first step to building a true and dedicated auto parts marketplace.

Marketplace Development: To accomplish the goal of building a true and dedicated Auto Parts Marketplace, FLES began the development of (AP4Less) in mid 2020. The technology stack was specifically designed to address the large database dilemma that parts sellers face. As such, the site was coded “in-house” with technology partner eCommerce Pundit allowing for feature rich applications for both sellers and buyers.

Marketplace Data Solution Integrations: In order to provide seamless digital solutions allowing large sellers a simple process to push inventory on to marketplaces with such eBay and Amazon, FLES entered into integration contracts with data solution partners SureDone and ChannelAdvisor representing potentially 400 parts sellers to list, update, add and delete millions of parts on AP4Less Marketplace with only a few clicks.

Marketplace Launch: In mid-September 2022, with development and integrations completed, AP4Less began final beta test with over 1 million parts available for purchase from 5 sellers via a small SEO campaign where the 1st part was sold.